Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zikr videos-- mostly of Halvetis in the Balkans


This one is intense-- magnificent crashing cymbals, etc.  These fellows are hardcore.

This one is a Halveti music video:

As with the Rifa'i and Qadiri tariqas, there is a significant range within the tradition.  Some branches are rather conservative and tend to emphasize the external aspects of Islamic tradition more than others.  I've put the emphasis here on those branches of the Halveti that are a bit more ecstatic and reflect more of the Qalendar tradition (which I am personally much more drawn to).  Here is a good example:

This next one is from the Saadiyya tariqa (who I believe trace their lineage to both the Rifa'i and the Halveti).  It is a dhikr for Sultani Nevruz-- the Persian and Kurdish new year.  The day is also believed to be the birthday of Hz. Imam Ali, and is also celebrated by the Alevi (though not like this).  Nevertheless, through the gradual influence of the Alevi on various Ottoman Sufi orders, the holiday came to be a widely celebrated holiday in the tariqas of the Balkans.  That's especially true for the orders that have a particularly strong Ahl-ul Bayt orientation, such as the Saadi branch.

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