Monday, March 8, 2010

more pictures--

Above are some more new pictures--
1. the very small one is an ijazet from one of the shaykhs of the Entekkeli Tekke in  Manisa. I'll try to repost later with a larger, more readable version.

2. A popular image of Hz. Abdul-Qadir Geylani and Hz. Ahmed er-Rifa'i
3. Rifa'i calligraphy
4. another levha (board) of Rifa'i iconography/calligraphy
5. A picture I found on the web of Baba a few years ago-- thank you to whoever took it.
I've been finding some interesting material on the Web lately about the dergah in Manisa-- Thank you to the brother who has put up that information and those pictures.

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  1. Salaam, yes it has been a long time since your last post, but I guess it was worth the wait. Thanks for the wonderful pictures in the recent posts.