Wednesday, March 17, 2010

video of Shaykh Ahmed Abdur-Rashid

This is a sohbet of Shaykh Ahmed Abdur-Rashid (Naqshbandi-Mujeddidi) of the World Community in Bedford. VA.  Mash'Allah, I think this shaykh has very many interesting things to say.  If you check on the Youtube sidebar or click on the CircleGroup2 Channel, you can find some of his other sohbets, as well as some from Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee (Shadhili).  Inshallah, they may be as helpful to you as they have to me.

Though his style is somewhat different, several things the shaykh says here remind me of things from Sherif Baba's sohbets over the years-- in particular the idea that the Mujeddid (the Renewer) may not be a specific individual but rather a role that all of us have a part in.  In fact, the shaykh says, even internet technologies and social media may play an important role in today's society as the voice of the Mujeddid in the modern age.  This reminds me of one of Baba's sohbet's in which he describes the Sahib-i zaman (Master of the Age-- a concept related to the Hidden Imam or Imam Mehdi) in very similar language.  Though Sherif Baba uses language to describe this that is much closer to the esoteric Shi'i or Alevi understandings, and Shaykh Rashid uses the more Naqshbandi language of the Mujeddid, they seem to be describing a very similar idea.

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