Monday, June 9, 2008

Inspirations from Ostad Elahi

Above is an image of Nur Ali Elahi (also known as Ostad Elahi) as a young dervish. He was a beautiful soul, and excellent writer and a fantastic musician from the Ahl-ul Haqq community of Iran. They are a group who are in some ways similar to Turkish Alevis. I highly endorse the site as a resource. His son Bahram Elahi is also quite interesting. Anyone interested in the Ahl-ul Haqq should also certain try listening to the Razbar Ensemble as well-- very interesting.

Prayer is not limited to a particular time and place… whenever you are with God, God is with you…
Ya Allah, only your mercy is greater than my sins.
Absolve my sins and those of all believers. Illuminate our hearts with the light of faith. Bring joy to our souls with the Light of Ali.
Whatever leads to orfer and peace for people comes from the Source of Truth. Practice it for yourself and for others, and stay away from what is counter to it.
Beyond that, you may embrace any religion not opposed to these principles, provided you practice its commandments in good faith.
I pray for Your mercy, goodness, and blessing for the souls of my parents and all believers and, indeed, all creatures.
Bless me with the happiness of knowing you.
--Ostad Elahi.


  1. Fantastic my friend, fantastic.

  2. Seeking the TRUTH (Yár)December 30, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    as explained in the introduction, Ostad Elahi is a prominent personality, from among the Ahl Haqq who bought this its neglected and blurred identity and gave them the foundations back.

    Ostad Elahi gives evidence and proof by logical attestation of the fact that the belief among the Ahl-
    Haqq stands under islamic flag and listened WARRANTIES obligations and rights of the
    Islam to follow in the frame and way of thinking.
    In addition the Ahl-Haqq are followers not only of Islam, but Haqq, the truth that every religion and faith has. Religion is not limited to a culture such as the Orient, but is a science which truth and beauty is required to be discovered by each human being. for details see works of Elahi).