Monday, June 9, 2008

Abridged Mevlevi Wird
Connect your heart to the heart of Mevlana
• 99 Asaghfirullah
• 99 La Illaha Ilalla
• 99 x 3 Allah
• 11 HU
Bektashi table blessing:

Bismishah eyvallah diyelim kadim Allah diyelim geldi Ali sofrasi. Destur, ya Shah, diyelim, Shah versin biz yiyelim Shah demine keremine HUUU….

Bismishah. At the beginning, let us say Allah. Let us say Eternal God.
The table of Ali has come. Let us say, Destur, ya Shah! Let the Shah give. Let us eat, for his reign, for his kindness, HUUU…

A prayer of Hazreti Nurredin al-Jerrahi
Ya Allah, cause the sun of your knowledge to rise in the night of our worldly existence, illuminate our horizons with the light of your wisdom, adorn the sky of our world with the stars of your love. Annihilate our actions in your actions, drown our shortcomings in your might, and obliterate our will in your will. Oh, Allah make us servants to you in every state, surrendered to your divinity, ever conscious of your Lordship, not fearing your blame nor incurring your penalty. Oh, Allah! Make us pleased with what pleases you. Be kind to us in what is destined for us. Make us content with the mercy that descends from you heaven and annihilate us wholly in your love.

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