Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alevi semah and Rifa'i recitations, plus some beautiful selpe baglama songs

Semah from an Alevi Cem

note that in this one, the dede is wearing the takke like Rifa'i Marufis wear, wrapped in a black turban as Sherif Baba does. It's a little hard to see, but he's in the middle at the beginning of the video.


lovely selpe playing


more nice selpe-style playing-- this time with a twist!


this one cracked me up-- but so good! Yes, he is playing the tune from a Nokia ringtone...


More Bosnian Rifa'i dhikr:


Bosnian Rifa'i recitations


A video from a Qadiri-Rifa'i musican from somewhere in Eastern Europe. You can certainly see very clearly a very intense Ehli-Beyt focus, much stronger than in most tariqas. This particular branch is also apparently very involved in the practices with fire, swords, etc. which can be seen in the related videos from the same source.

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