Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hu, everyone.... and as-salaamu alyekum.

Elhamdullillah, this has been a wonderful and interesting time. Though it has been difficult in many ways (particularly because Selma is half-way across the world) it has also been a time of a lot of inward-looking reflection. Coupled with that, amazing sources for the journey have appeared.

Without getting into too many details, I would just like to thank my longtime dost, Fr. Justin again for a box of beautiful inspirations, and also Azim... mashallah, you both helped rekindle a flame that was seriously needing oxygen.

I am also incredibly grateful for the Babacast...
as many of you know, there is a (usually) 24 hour Sufi radio station on the web:


Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't for me. I don't know how it will work for you. But, I finally figured out that the key is just keep trying. Sometimes it's not on. Sometimes you can connect, but with no sound. At least two out of three times you'll click on and find great music... but if you get that, stick around. About every 3 tracks will be a sohbet from Sherif Baba. Elhamdullillah... these are wonderfully soul-nourishing and refreshing. If you have liked anything on this site, I highly recommend tuning in. I know most of you already know about these, but I had such bad luck getting it to work that I had almost given up. An e-email exchange with a friend currently in Konya reminded me, and I've been on a wonderful little retreat (in my own home) with Sherif Baba for the last three days. So if you've never checked it out, but you love Sufism and liberal Islam, this is a welcome voice. If you know about it, but have been having trouble connecting, it seems to be working well now (again, I'm not really sure if the problems were Cem's computer(s) or mine. But mashallah, the arsonists of the heart are spreading the fire of ashk (devine love) at http://www.sherifbaba.com/web_prolog.htm


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