Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A nice version of "Bugun Bize Pir Geldi". This is probably the best known Alevi song-- with the chorus "Eyvallah Shahim Eyvallah, Hak la illaha illallah"

Another version of it, that I may have even posted before--

Illahi-- Abdul-Qadir Geylani:

And another illahi by the same 'ud player:

A beautiful video of a nice medley by my aquaintance Latif Bolat. I played a couple of concerts with him when I was part of a group called Turku-- and that was when I first learned a some of the illahis that are common in Turkish tarikats, including Rifa'i Marufi.

Qadiri-Rifa'i Dhikr from Nevshehir:

A nice look at how selpe playing is done-- this is a young student, but he does it slow enough that you can see the technique. Selpe is a fingerpicked tapping style that is common among Alevi baglama players. It was particularly popularized by Arif Sag, and later developed even further by people like Erdal Erzincan and Erol Parlak.

Some beautiful dutar playing by a Uyghur musician-- probably an instrument that influenced the development of the saz--

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